Are you frustrated trying to write an ebook? Not making any money? 

"Finally There is a Path to Creating Outrageously Profitable eBooks
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Even if you hate to write,
don't know how to write,
or have never written!

"With my 3 Days to eBook Cash
Digital eBook Authoring Program
You Can Author Your Very Own
Outrageously Profitable eBook Without
Leaving The Comfort of Your Home!"


  • Are you overwhelmed at the thought of writing an ebook?

  • Are you afraid you can't do it?

  • Maybe you hate to write or just can't find the time, whatever the reason; I know how frustrating it can be!

The problem is there are plenty of ebooks and programs on how to write ebooks out there, but you've got to find the time to actually sit down and read or listen to them and then get it done without a step-by-step process or any real guidance or accountability! There’s no way to get your questions answered and no system or structure to keep you motivated and focused. I know because that’s how I got started myself.

When I wrote my first ebook, the instructions were vague, I didn't really have a system to follow, I just rolled up my sleeves, read an ebook and went to work and boy was it confusing and time consuming! And, I’d been writing for years! But from that experience I've created a unique system that you can use to create ebooks quickly that actually give you a time-specific format that allows you to get it done in 72 hours or less with a step-by- step process that is easy to follow!

But not everyone can walk you through a process like mine, so that you can write PROFESSIONAL and PROFITABLE ebooks fast!

That’s why in the past, so many guru’s have tried to convince people to forget about writing ebooks altogether! Instead, they would say that it was just too hard and took too long and steered them in the direction of inferior product creation.

Why? Because they wanted to make money, so they would try to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes and hope nobody noticed!

Then Kindle came along. But that didn’t stop them -they tried to beat the system with PLR (Private Label Rights) ebooks and thrown-together articles or blog posts, whatever they could do super fast to convince people that this was the way to make money FAST.

But guess what happened? Amazon caught on and starting BANNING people from the site! And Kindle publishing is just too powerful to mess with!

And here's why:

  • You can increase your website's Google ranking just by being listed on Amazon's; it's a lead generator that will drive tons of traffic to your site. In fact, Infusionsoft, the leader in ecommerce technology called ebooks "the best lead generator there is" so put your ebook on Kindle and POW! You've got lead generation on steroids! 

  • It's FREE TARGETED advertising: what you offer in your business will be highlighted in the markets where your potential buyers are looking. So, people can learn more about what you do beyond, just your eBook!

  • It allows you to engage your target market and potential buyers when they are already looking for the type of content that you are offering; there are a lot of ways that you can connect and/or learn from your customers and potential customers how they feel about your eBook and more about what they need and want that you can provide in the Kindle store that you won't find anywhere else!

So, now instead of messing with Amazon, these guru's are messing with YOU-professing to teach ebooks even if they have absolutely no experience or ability to teach it! And they don't want to miss out on such a lucrative market! And they will make it super cheap to entice you but I promise you most are absolutely worthless! 

But that shouldn't stop you. The truth is there are millions of people online and if you want to make BIG money you have to stand out from the crowd and that means differentiating yourself which is one of the things a solid ebook will do for you. 

But that's not all, if you want passive income, if you want to publish with the click of a button, if you want to do it FAST-without a list and without a website, then you've GOT to write REAL PROFESSIONAL ebooks that will SELL on Kindle. PERIOD! 

We're talking SERIOUS ebooks, not thrown together products that reek of a hack job, Or, having someone transcribe an interview or–take a bunch of articles and stringing them together and calling it an eBook to name a couple.

I'm not saying these types of products aren't useful in your business, but they are NOT the same as writing an ebook. An ebook gives you credibility and expert status that you can't get from these other products. And, as I said, if you want to take advantage of the power of Kindle you need real quality ebooks! 

And if you doubt the power of ebooks, look at how many experts have started with one....
These are just a few of the who's who ( check out Glenn Livingston!)

  • Yanik Silver

  • David Riklan

  • Perry Marshall 

  • Jody Colvard and Declan Dunn 

  • Jason Oman 

  • Jim Edwards 

  • Rosalind Gardner 

  • Ben Mack 

  • Glenn Livingston and his was on Guinea Pigs! 

  • Myself and many more!

eBooks are the best way to jump start your online business!

What If I Only Want to Sell eBooks From My Website?

You can do that, but it would be a shame to miss out all the other amazing opportunities out there! Especially when it's never been easier to publish as it is on Kindle. And Amazon has so many ways for you to make money EVEN IF YOU'RE A NEWBIE!  You'd be CRAZY not to publish there!

But, the truth is there are more and more Kindle Books popping up there every day, so the sooner you start, the sooner you'll be able to establish yourself and beat out your competition! 

You can't afford NOT to have at least one if not more ebooks under your belt!

But, you say you don't have a list? No Problem ...

eBooks are the ONLY product out there than can build a targeted list for you FAST and pay you for it! 

Why? Because ebooks don't cost a lot to purchase, so you will get a lot more buyers than with a high-end product. Makes sense, right? And you can start right in Kindle! In fact, within just a couple of days of publishing in Kindle you could be growing a targeted list! 

                                                                         But that's not all ...

The People Who Make The MOST Money ...
All Have Their Own eBooks And Information Products!

As an affiliate, if you sell an ebook you get half the money. But when you sell your ebook, you can get 70% royalties on Amazon! Plus, you'll attract affiliates there who will sell your ebook for you and Amazon will take care of all the bookkeeping!  

By using the power of affiliates, your profits grow exponentially!

And when you create your own ebooks, and you publish them (or have us do it for you) you own them and you control them. You aren't dependent on somebody else. If you're depending on someone else and they pull the plug you're sunk!

Not only that, but people are making a fortune with ebooks and/or from building an information business. And eBooks are the best place to start! 

And the beauty of ebooks is that you can create and sell products that sell for $100 or less right from the back of your ebook! 

eBooks are fast and easy to produce. There are no shipping fees and no postage, so it's almost pure profit! 

Plus, you really CAN make profits, even while you sleep when you know how.

The Only Reason Writing An eBook Is Hard To Write Is
Because No One Has Shown You A PROVEN System
That Teaches You How To Do It!

The problem is there are plenty of ebooks on how to write ebooks out there, but they don't tell you the whole story. Most people need feedback when writing an ebook and you don't get that! With this program, you get access to our private, exclusive, Facebook group where you can get INSTANT feedback! 

Plus, you've got to find the time to actually sit down and actually write your ebook and most people never get around to it. But, you really can write one in 3 days or less using my system!

Most programs just sits on the computer collecting virtual dust! But, the way this program is structured you'll get ACCOUNTABILITY and feedback! 

So it's a lot easier to stick with it! 

And this system is PROVEN to work-it's got legs! I've been teaching it since 2004 and I've helped thousands of people around the world become successful authors and I know I can help you too! 

Follow it and you can't fail!

Why Do It The Hard Way When–You Don't Have To?

It's easy to get bogged down-which leads to more procrastination, anxiety, and misery when you don't know what to do and don't have any help. It's hard to get motivated under those circumstances and too easy to give up. 

Many people start, only to become overwhelmed by the process, losing steam and only getting half-done-and that's a shame! 

So, let me tell you a little secret. You can write a 96-page ebook quickly with my 3 Days To eBook Cash Digital Authoring Program and become a bona-fide author in 72 hours or less, or take your time and do it on your time frame-the system is flexible to fit any schedule! 

I've designed it that way on purpose after working with so many authors. 

In fact, I was the very first ebook coach on line, so I've been doing this, as I mentioned, for a long time and taught people all around the world. This program has worked over and over and over again and it will work for you!

                                                  What Makes It Different?

It's the ONLY one that is done in this 3-day format with MY secret formula. So, you know from the beginning how long it will take and what you can expect, PLUS you get exact instructions on how to do it, plus it's been PERFECTED over time from my vast experience working with authors! 

And if you happen to get stuck, you will have access to our private, exclusive Facebook group for help!

The benefits of this program include:

Creating a successful ebook in record time to generate leads and make money now, not in 6 months or two years! (Even if you don't know how to write, hate to write, or don't know what to write about). And the more quickly you can write an ebook, the FASTER you can get published and start racking up sales!

Increased self-confidence that you gain by going through the process and becoming an author. So many of my students tried to write an ebook on their own without any results which just increased the cycle of self-doubt until they took this program. It truly does give you the tools to break the cycle and become an ebook author in record time. It's powerful! 

Learning a system that you can use over and over to create as many ebooks as you want to grow your income exponentially over time, every time you use the system! 

Being able to create truly PASSIVE INCOME, so you make money 24 hours a day 7 days a week, whether you show up for work or not! 

Creating instant credibility 

Reducing the stress of writing an ebook by having a system and the support you need 

Creating your gateway to even higher-priced products 

Being able to create an ebook from the comfort of your own home at your own pace! 

Taking the guesswork out of the process

Peace of mind- knowing that in three days or less you could have the project completed! 

And more!

How Much More Could You Accomplish –If You Knew
How To Write An eBook –In 72 Hours Or Less?

The principles that you discover in this program can be used over and over again to create as many ebooks as you like! And, with each new ebook, you will be able to gain more respect from your potential clients, clients, and colleagues, become recognized as an expert in your field, get more passive and recurring income, and command more money for speaking engagements if that's something that appeals to you!

Not only that but, you won't spend days, weeks, months, or even years sweating out the process of writing an ebook. You can have it done in just 12 hours of actual writing time!

Here Are The Most Frequently Asked Questions –About Writing An eBook:

1. Can I make money with my ebook?

Yes, people are doing it every day online and in fact ebook sales are exploding. At the beginning of this decade ebooks made 2 million in sales; from 2008-2013 they skyrocketed to 5 BILLION in sales and are expected to go to over 8 Billion by 2018!

So the questions is when are you going to get in on this explosive industry trend? 

2. What if I'm not a writer?

Don't worry. If you can talk you can write an ebook! Once you learn my proprietary system, you'll be able to adapt it and dictate your ebook, so you're good!

3. What if I'm not an expert at anything?

If you have a passion for something that you want to write about, chances are you are more of an expert than you think! And by writing an ebook, it will MAKE you an instant expert.

If you aren't sure what to write about, you'll figure it out in the program. I walk you through a series of exercises to help you find what you are passionate about AND skilled at that will be a great topic for your ebook! 

4. How do I get started?

Order this one-of-a-kind PROVEN program! You'll start by figuring out your passion and your skill set and finding a target market that wants what you can offer them, writing a killer title and my exact formula for writing your ebook in 3 days or less with just 12 hours or writing time. Don't stay in overwhelm! Discover the easy way to write ebooks that ANYONE can master!  

5. How do I overcome procrastination?

Let me ask you a question, "How long have you been procrastinating?" If you haven't gotten over it by now, the best way to get over it is to make one life-changing decisions. Sign up for this program now! Because you probably won't do it on your own-I'm just being honest here.

Writing an ebook on your own can be daunting, which leads to procrastination. This program will give you the framework and tools to overcome your procrastination and fears and finally get it done!

If you're ready to stop procrastinating and get started now writing your very own ebook, increasing your income and creating an avalanche of new business, and you feel as deserving as I believe you are, then check this out!

In this 3-day program, you'll discover:

How to turn your passion and expertise into an ebook

How to bust through procrastination

Insider secrets of how to silence your inner critic, so you can write ebooks quickly and easily

How to establish the purpose of each ebook and why you need to know this before you start writing

How to figure out how to pick a hot topic that will generate massive leads and/or sales on your website

How to use the same tricks for getting your creative juices flowing that I've used to garner a Grammy nomination!

The system that will show you how to write a 96–page ebook in 12 hours of actual writing every single time!

How to come up with killer titles that get people to buy your ebooks like crazy

How to have your ebook edited without spending any money

How to get testimonials to sell your ebook for you

How to start making money with your ebook almost instantly- with an action plan that spells it all out for you including publishing on Kindle with the just ONE click!

And more!

Listen to what the experts are saying about Ellen Violette...


Rob Schultz"Ellen Violette has truly been a pioneer in mentoring solo- -professionals to craft their own eBooks. 

When I first met Ellen almost 7 years ago, she was an eBook mentor –same as she is today. And while she has grown and added many facets to her business – member program, events, elite mentoring – its truly stunning that, unlike a lot of online businesses that gravitate to the latest fad, Ellen has grown her business – - focusing exclusively on what she knows best.

What this means is that she brings an almost unparalleled knowledge of eBooks to her work. And that she not only helps her clients create eBooks, and market them, but shows them how to create entire businesses around their eBooks.

Its this combination of marketing smarts and eBook knowledge that helps make her so exceptional." 
Rob Schultz


Janet Beckers"Ellen I Iove your very methodical approach to creating an ebook and the way you cut through the information overload and present a very clear system for people to follow.

I especially respect that you have created a system that helps people build a sustainable business based on quality ebooks, rather than a one-book wonder. You really are a Wonderful Web Woman."

Janet Beckers

Founder and Host
Wonderful Web Women


Jason Oman"Look at every multi-million dollar Info Marketer out there and you'll find they all launched their empires and fortunes by starting with a book that was designed the right way from the get go! THAT is the key most new (and even so-called "experienced") authors completely miss! It's not enough to just throw words down on paper (or onto your computer).

 If you want to make big money...and I mean BIG money! Then you need to learn how to DESIGN your book the right way so it can turn into your very own million-dollar empire!

That's why I recommend and endorse Ellen's program so highly! She doesn't just teach and show you how to get your ebook done. But she shows you how to create an ebook you can use to build your own million-dollar empire just like all the gurus have done!"

Jason Oman

#1 International Best-Selling Author of 
'Conversations with Millionaires' 
and 'Money On Demand'


Ellen is a passionate teacher who brings high energy to everything she does.

Warren Whitlock

Here's what you get:

  6 Instructional Calls;

  • Module 1: How to find your passion and your skill set so you can find the best topic for you!

  • Module 2: How to find your best most profitable target market for BIG cash!

  • Module 3: How to write killer titles that sell your ebook for you!

  • Module 4: My magic process for writing your ebook in just 72 hours of writing time easily and effortlessly.

  • Module 5: How to finish your ebook, copyright it, protect it, get an ebook cover and more!

  • Module 6: How to start marketing and make truckloads of money with your ebook FAST!

But that's not all, you also get:

  • Bonus webinar on how to create enhanced ebooks!

  • Handouts 

  • Authors Permission Template

  • Ellen's Simple but Magical eBook Outline Template

  • Google Keyword Tool PDF

  • How to set up your LinkedIn profile

  • How to set up your domain names in Go Daddy

And more!

And Check Out All Of These Amazing eBook Bonuses
Worth Over $650!

(Bonus #1) eBook Announcement in my eBook Profit Secrets Newsletter. (Your ebook must be submitted in pdf or mobi with table of contents and ebook cover within 60 days of purchase. (PRICELESS)

(Bonus #2) The Passion Test Interview and Q & A. Jeff Herring, The Internet Article Guy, and I grill Chris Attwood, Coo-author of The Passion Test. Chris will show you how to hone in your true passion to not only write ebooks from your heart but live a more joyous life. ($97 Value)

(Bonus #3) The eBook Writing Fast-Action Workbook. The eBook Writing Fast-Action Workbook will organize all your notes, ideas, and technical information for you, which will reduce stress and save time while writing your ebooks. ($17 Value)

(Bonus #4) Conversations with Jason Oman and Ellen Violette. You'll be a fly on the wall as Jason Oman, a #1 best-selling author who has already made over $250,000 from this book/ebook and Ellen Violette discuss the insider secrets to writing best selling ebooks! ($197 Value)

(Bonus #5) eBook Writing Secrets In this hour-long audio, you will learn how to find the best topic for you, when to stick with it and when to move on, plus insider time-management tips to help you write your ebook in record time, every time! ($20 Value)

(Bonus #6) 5 eBook-Formatting Tips for a Visually Appealing eBook PDF to help your ebooks look clean and professional. ($9,97 Value)

(Bonus #7) 14 Biggest eBook-Design Mistakes PDF. Great tips to make sure your ebook design increases sales of your ebook! ($17 Value)

(Bonus #8) Editing Audio & Notes. All the basic grammar rules you need to follow to have a professional ebook without spending money on editing! Audios & Notes. How to edit your ebooks without spending any money on editing! ($47 Value)

(Bonus #9) Bonuses & Testimonials Teletraining. In this audio I go through in detail how to give and get bonuses and testimonials to enhance your offers and drive explosive sales! ($47 Value)

(Bonus #10) Procrastination and How to Overcome It! Interview with author Michala Storm: Procrastination-15 Strategies to Overcome Procrastination Today (written in the 3 Days to eBook Cash Program!) ($97 Value)

(Bonus #11) How to Make your Own eBook Covers Webinar Training. In this 60-minute webinar, you will learn what software to use (it’s free) and the step-by-step process of how to make beautiful ebook covers.
($47 Value)

PLUS, you also get unlimited access to our PRIVATE, EXCLUSIVE Facebook group where you can hob-nob with other successful authors, where you can test titles, get feedback and accountability, find joint venture partners, get bonuses for your launches, and get all your questions answered!

And If That Wasn't Enough....
You're Getting A 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

We'd like to remove any doubt you may have about The 3 Days To eBook Cash Digital Authoring Program. If you don't discover everything you need to know to write a profitable ebook, if you don't discover how to write a great title that will sell your ebooks online and in Kindle, if you don't discover the formula for writing an ebook in 3 Days or less with 12 hours of writing time, and how to finish it, edit it, and copyright it-and you commit 100%, focus, and do the work- then we don't want to keep your money. But, it's up to you to follow through! It's not going to write itself!

All we ask is that you try it out in the next 60 days and if it doesn't work for you, you will get 100% of your money back, which is more than fair.

By the way, the digital bonuses are yours to keep even in the unlikely event that you decide to ask for a refund!

              So You're Probably Thinking, Sounds Awesome, Ellen,                                     But, What's My Investment Is Going to Be?

It's a lot less than you'd expect to pay for a comprehensive program like this! 

If you had 8 hours of private instruction with me (which is about how long this program will take you), you'd spend $4,000 at my regular rate of $500 an hour. Plus for a hotel room, airfare, and food, add on another $1,500 minimum. And finally include a retainer to be at your beck and call for the whole weekend while you write it, which is what it would cost privately, you'd spend $20,500! 

But, doing it this way, it won't cost you $20,500. It won't even cost you $4,000, or even half that. Your total investment for this amazing program is just $497! 

That's right. $497 for EVERYTHING!
Including UNLIMITED ACCESS to our private, exclusive Facebook Group! 

                                     If Money is Tight, No Problem! Order on the 3-Payment No-Risk Plan!

I don't want you to miss out if you just can't swing the $497! So order on the 3- Payment No-risk Plan and you can get started today for just $187.12 ! Then, you will be billed $187.12 for 2 more 30-day cycles. And you could already be making money before you even make the next payment! 

So, I'm taking all risk! 

People have paid up to $4,000 for this exact same material! But, why pay more? 

Let's Recap:

You get: all 6 Instructional Modules

  • Module 1: How to find your passion and your skill set so you can find the best topic for you!

  • Module 2: How to find your best most profitable target market for BIG cash!

  • Module 3: How to write killer titles that sell your ebook for you! 

  • Module 4: My magic process for writing your ebook in just 72 hours of writing time easily and effortlessly.

  • Module 5: How to finish your ebook, copyright it, protect it, get an ebook cover and more!

  • Module 6: How to start marketing and make truckloads of money with your ebook FAST!

  • But that's not all, you also get:

  • Bonus webinar on how to create enhanced ebooks!

  • Handouts 

  • Authors Permission Template

  • Ellen's Simple but Magical eBook Outline Template

  • Google Keyword Tool PDF

  • How to set up your LinkedIn profile

  • How to set up your domain names in Go Daddy

And more!

PLUS, over $650 in valuable bonuses ... 

AND unlimited access to our PRIVATE Facebook group where you can hob-nob with other successful authors, get INSTANT feedback and accountability, find joint venture partners, get bonuses for your launches, and get all your questions answered! 

There Are Cheaper Programs Out There
But, You Get What You Pay For!

I can't tell you how many aspiring authors have joined this program after wasting money on other programs. The truth is there are a lot of coaches out there who teach writing, but they have no concept of how you make money online with an ebook! 

And everyone who writes an ebook is now suddenly an ebook "expert"!

So, you have to ask yourself, "Do I want to learn from the best?  Someone with years of experience and a 100% success rate of taking authors to #1 Best-Seller status on Kindle?

Or, do I want to learn from the guy or gal who just wrote his or her first ebook and wants to make money showing me how he or she did it?"

What makes this program the best is my experience-the years I've spent working with authors and refining the program. And I've got the results to prove it.  Thousands of dollars in ebook sales, 2 #1 Best-sellers of my own in the last year, and a string of #1 best-sellers for my clients (a 100% success rate when they follow my system)! 

Plus, nobody teaches it the way I do.  In fact, some of the suggestions, I've heard other coaches give their clients are, quite frankly, a recipe for disaster! It makes me want to cry.  One women lamented that she spent $20,000 and didn't make a cent! And she's not alone. So don't waste time and money on book coaches newbie ebook coaches.

We start by doing the research, seeing where your passion lies and what skills you have and and how to approach it in a new way. 

We also look at the marketplace and find the best markets that wants what you have to offer so you KNOW it's going to be profitable before you write a single word!  

Plus, I have have some secrets I'll share that will cut your research and writing time down to the bare minimum and still give you first-class results! 

I'm also a  Grammy-nominated songwriter, and I've been playing with words for decades. I've even been dubbed "The Title Wizard" by my clients because I know how titles that sell like crazy and get my students to do the same! 

I'll also show you how to avoid getting stuck or off track and I guarantee you, you'll be surprised by what I have to say!  

I've turned hundreds of frustrated writers all over the world into successful ebook authors-even people who've been trying to write their whole lives!

So, if you've been wanting to write an ebook but just haven't been able to find the time, or you've been trying to write an ebook, but just couldn't get started, or started and got stuck, or wrote an ebook that took forever or just wrote what you were passionate about and didn't make very many sales then you know the value of this program-I don't think I need to do a lot of convincing here.

This program is really a no-brainer.

I know, because I've been where you are. When I got on line I was just like you. I just wanted to write ebooks to support my business, but the process was difficult and stressful and took way too long. So, I created a unique process that works where all others have failed and I've never looked back.  

My program isn't about throwing some articles or blog posts together and calling that an ebook. It's about becoming a professional and profitable ebook author writing real ebooks (80 pages or more!) easily and effortlessly.

You can even use my process to write books, special reports, articles, scripts, and anything other content that you want to produce.

So, if you are looking to express your passion and share your message with the world, or just want the fastest easiest road to ebook-authoring success then this program is for you!

A Few Thoughts On What Your Decision Today
Could Mean to Your Business and Your Life
In The Coming Months and Years ...

How much will it cost you NOT to write an ebook?
Or, to write one and market it to the wrong audience with the wrong message? 
Or, write one that won't sell on Kindle?

And how much time and money will you waste chasing get-rich quick schemes that don't work, buying products that don't teach you how to actually do anything and don't put real profits in your pockets?

All the people who took this amazing program can't be wrong!

Isn't a little extra time and energy right now worth the months and years of prosperity you could experience by becoming a successful ebook author?

Only you can decide if this is right for you and your business.

The truth is, I'm offering you a PROVEN ebook-writing system that can provide both incredible opportunities to make short-term cash, build a targeted list (the money is in the list) and provide a foundation for long-term business success that is second to none. And I hope you decide to join me. I'd love to help you achieve your creative and financial goals and hear you say “I'm soooooo excited I'm a bona fide ebook author!”




Write On!

Ellen Violette
The Original eBook Coach 
#1 Best-Selling Author of
How to Make Money Writing Quick Non-Fiction eBooks...Guaranteed! 
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P.S. Let's face it, if doing it on your own worked, you would have already completed your ebook and been pocketing the cash! So, don't you think it's time to take another approach?